Health and Psychology

Health and psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where are you located?

In Southern California and Southern Nevada. 

2.  What ages of people do you evaluate?

Newborn preterm infants to the old old geriatrics, age 0 to 100+.

3.  How do you evaluate infants or toddlers?

There are specialized testing materials that are used for children under age 6.

4.  How much does an assessment cost?  

That depends on where you are located and the nature of the referral question.  Evaluations that require formal reports to an agency cost more than reports that are just intended for the family.  See the fee schedule.

5.  Do I have to come to your office in Glendale?

No.  There are some specialized tests that require materials that can't be readily transported.  For most situations I can travel to where someone is located.

6.  Can you evaluate people that have disabilities?

In most cases the answer is yes.  Specialized materials can be used with people that are hearing impaired or visually impaired.  For people with physical difficulties, general materials may be able to be adapted for use.

7.  What are your hours?

I have set teaching hours.  Appointments are scheduled individually as needed.

8.  How long does an evaluation take?

It depends on the referral question.  As little as 20 minutes and as long as a couple of days.

9.  How long does it take to get a report?

It depends on the referral question.  I've been able to produce same day reports on brief evaluations.  In general reports are produced within a week of the evaluation.

10.  Can you provide treatment if I need it?

It depends on the nature of the condition you want treatment for and my schedule.  Contact me.

11.  What does an evaluation consist of?

It depends on the referral question.  In some cases it's just a history.  In some cases it's just testing.  In most cases it's a history plus a variety of tests and questionnaires.  

12.  Who does the testing?

In most cases I do the testing directly.  I have psychological assistants that can also do testing for a reduced fee or they can assist me with complex evaluations.   There are other psychologists in the office that also provide services.

13.  You blog about medicine.  Are you trained in medicine?

My medical knowledge generally comes from research. I have a couple very rare genetic conditions and I spent the first couple of years of my practice working with a general practice primary care physician in his office doing integrated medical/psychological care.  This type of practice will be much more commonly seen due to the push for integrated practice under the Affordable Care Act.

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Meet Our Staff

Maria Martin, Ph.D., LMFT (36800)  

  • Specializing in psychological testing
  • Immigration evaluations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Health psychology
  • Services in Spanish
  • 909-519-2662

Ziba Saatchian, M.A. (PSB94020175)

  • Specializing in psychotherapy (personality disorders, anxiety and depression)
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
  • Medical psychology
  • 818-275-0316


Minas Harutunian, Psy.D. (PSB94021912)

  • Specializing in men's issues
  • Psychotherapy (personality disorders, anxiety and depression)
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
  • 818-415-4183

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