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Day off

Posted by Margaret Donohue on May 7, 2015 at 10:05 AM

I have a day off.  Not really.  It wasn't scheduled.  I was supposed to go to court on a case and testify but the case was settled, leaving me time in my schedule.  That's not really a day off.  but it's not work.  I could have scheduled work, as late as yesterday, I could have worked instead.  So it's time off of a sort.

Like most people I have a list of to do items that never really get done.  It's a long list.  It's been posted on the pantry door for the past decade.  Every once in awhile I'll start on an item, get overwhelmed by the scope of it, and decide it's too much.  They aren't small items to be fair.  Like remodeling the kitchen, living room, dining room.  Replace the carpet and add lighting throughout the house.  And some items get done several times but aren't completed.  Reduce clutter.  Tend to the garden.  Clear off the countertops.  Those things get done often but never fully.  

The smaller daily to do lists are easier.  Do laundry.  Cook.  Clean up after the cats.  Go to the bank.  Update banking for the house and the business.  Get all the appointments doctor, opthalmologist, and labs done.  

Work provides me with a degree of structure.  I think it does for most people.  It also provides structure for the cats.  Tatum woke me up today by knocking over the lamp on the nightstand.  Because on a normal work day I'd be "late" waking up after the sun came up.  I've already done several things on my to do list.  Put files in the garage.  Clear off the table.  Let the cats in.  Let the cats out.  Let the cats in.  My email is all done and it's before 7 am.  So the looming to do list on the pantry door gets looked at.  I'm not slacking by any means.  But the list on the pantry is still overwhelming.  Maybe I'll clean out my closet.

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