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Health and psychology



Posted by Margaret Donohue on January 20, 2019 at 8:20 AM

There are two types of doctoral degrees in psychology.  A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). The first degree is heavily involved in training in the scientist practitioner model and focuses on research, statistics, and evaluation.  The second is applied psychology with a focus on training, experience, and applications of psychological theory.

I have a PhD.  I am a researcher.  I value research. And I like good research.  Good research enlightens and moves the field into newer areas. It can be replicated.  It actually seeks to know new information.  The best research is published in peer reviewed journals.  It looks at research scientifically.  Poor research sets the field back.  It pushes future research into attempts to replicate the research multiple times and not being able to do so.  Poor research has an agenda.  It's not designed for scientific inquiry but to prove a point.  Poor research can also be research that can't get published in scientific journals but gets published as articles in pop magazines. 

Individuals with a PsyD also do research but they tend to look at the experiences people are having.  Not just data but what people think about their experience.

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